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Helo BioSense Health Band

BioSense health band

Simply the most advanced health band in the world.

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Helo LifeWatch Generation 2

LifeWatch Generation 2

Our flagship wearable uses advanced sensors to give you unparalleled insight into your health.

Helo LifeWatch Lite SE

LifeWatch Lite SE

Our streamlined model, the Lite SE, is definitely not light on features.

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Get the Helo Smart app.

Download and install the Helo Smart app

Click to download the App through the App Store for all iOS devices.

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Wear and bind.

Once your device is connected to the Helo Smart app, just wear it to collect your measurements. 

The more you wear it, the more you'll know about your health. 

Watch Your Progress

Helo wearables use advanced sensors to continuously monitor many of your key health metrics. But, you have to keep it on your wrist to see the benefits!

Once bound, the Helo Smart app will track everything for you. That makes it easy to set goals, see your progress, and live better!

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Helo Wellness+

For full access to all features, subscribe to Helo Wellness+, which renews every 30 days.  You can begin using these features immediately from the date of purchase and for the full 30 days of your subscription.

Unless cancelled, your subscription automatically renews every 30 days.
Purchases are final and non-refundable.

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