LifeWatch Lite SE

The Special Edition with the most advanced features, including body temperature, oxygen saturation, and so many more

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    What you can do

    This streamlined LifeWatch is equipped with an impressively effective array of cutting-edge sensors, capable of measuring multiple parameters, including body temperature and blood oxygenation. The Helo LifeWatch Lite SE presents you with real-time, easy-to-understand data on the LifeWatch itself, as well as comprehensive reports on your smartphone, using the HeloSmart App. Wearing your LifeWatch Lite SE every day provides seamless and continuous monitoring that records and analyzes resting and exercising heart rates, blood pressure estimation, breath rates, and energy levels.

    Main features

    Features Fitness


    Breath Rate | Heart Rate | Steps counting calories | Smart tracking | Swimming distance and stroke count | Multi-sports

    Features Health


    Blood pressure | Body temperature | Heart rate variability

    Features Monitoring


    Air quality | Fall detection | Guardian alert | Sedentary reminder | Sleep Analysis/REM | Standing detection


    Blockchain secured data enabled | VyvoPay enabled by external accessory

    Please note that some features are not available in all markets