BioSense health band

An extraordinary breakthrough … made just for you. Combining power with elegance, this health band helps you monitor and improve your health and lifestyle.

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Terms and Conditions  

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Your Wellness+ service is activated immediately upon purchase.

What you can do

BioSense helps you understand your body like never before. From the moment you put it on your wrist, you’ll find it capable and comfortable, powerful and practical, life-enhancing and life-changing. All of that in one elegant, ultra-thin and ultra-light device you’ll enjoy, and even love. It’s your constant companion and ally in improving your health and wellness. With a clinical-grade fingertip sensor on the face and additional sensors to capture your health metrics, BioSense is what other health bands want to be like when they grow up.

Main features

Features Fitness


Counting calories

Features Health


BIA | Blood pressure | Body temperature | Energy and Stress level | Heart rate variability | APG

Features Monitoring


Guardian alert | Sleep Analysis/REM | Standing detection


Blockchain secured data enabled | VyvoPay enabled

Please note that some features are not available in all markets